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For more than 125 years, CHLA has been the leading representative and advocate for the California lodging industry. From small independent hotels to large brands, CHLA prides itself on being a strong partner to our members so they can, in turn, better serve their guests and communities. CHLA is proud to help our members succeed and flourish by strengthening the entire industry and making a positive difference for members.

As part of our commitment to helping your businesses succeed, members of CHLA receive special savings for a variety of hospitality industry products and services – from legal assistance to health care discounts to. We continually strive to increase our benefit package through new programs and partnerships. Expand any of the items listed below for more information on how to take advantage of these benefits.

Website ADA experts, Accessible Crew, provide low-cost website assessments and remediation services to those who have been sued for ADA non-compliance. CHLA members receive an introductory price of $975 (25% off) for this valuable benefit.

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CHLA offers a legal support program for members who are victims of serial drive-by lawsuits that allege violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Join CHLA to utilize this valuable program.  If you have any questions on this program, please email Sandra@calodging.com

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CHLA Members Receive a Complimentary Assessment

CHLA has partnered with property tax experts, Kroll, to provide appeal services to members that seek to have their property tax assessments analyzed. Are you aware that the appeal deadline is November 30 for most counties in California? CHLA members are encouraged to contact Kroll to receive a complimentary property tax assessment review. Kroll provides services on a success basis only, meaning that payment is only made if Kroll identifies and achieves assessment reductions and after you’ve received either a refund or reduced tax liability. Do not miss your window to appeal your hotel’s property taxes.

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With Tip Tax Credit by Adesso, employers can get tax credits for tips your employees earn. Since it’s not a loan or grant, there are no restrictions on how you can use it to grow your business. This isn’t your state’s tip credit program. And this isn’t the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) either. This is a federal program that allows eligible businesses to get back FICA taxes paid on tip earnings that surpass the federal minimum wage.

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Eligible businesses qualify for up to $26,000 per employee retroactive to 2020.

URGENT ERC Program Update  -- The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a federal tax incentive for small businesses like your hotel or lodging establishment.  Our easy ERC partner Adesso Capital has a team of tax experts that can quickly estimate how much ERC money you likely qualify for. Adesso has helped lodging operators across the U.S. claim an average of $125,000 in ERC funds per filing. Make sure you don’t miss out on yours—visit the CHLA’s ERC Support Center now.

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Get critical compensation data from your peers in the hospitality industry.

CHLA members are entitled to exclusive discounts including: 55% discount on the participant price of the Salary.com Hospitality Survey and up to 60% off Salary.com's Pay Gap Overview. Click here for more informationPlease use the discount code CHLA55 during checkout for your CHLA member discount. Go to https://store.salary.com/hospitality/ to order a copy of the survey.

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Earn Cash Back on Commonly Purchased Items

Source1 pays cash back to hoteliers on 165,000 items from over 350 manufacturers, including HD Supply, American Hotel Register, A-1 Textiles, Cintas, Office Depot, Grainger, S&D Coffee and more. There is no cost to join and they never charge you any fees.

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Struggling with Staffing? We are proud to share a real solution to this major problem.

Seasonal Connect is a platform that connects lodging organizations from across the country with seasonal staff, housing, daily transportation, and endless resources.

Seasonal Connect aims to solve the following major hurdles experienced by seasonal organizations:

  1. Recruiting and hiring seasonal workers – American and international!
  2. Finding in-country recruiting partners
  3. Locating seasonal housing options in your area
  4. Finding daily transportation options in your area
  5. Being welcomed into a community of other seasonal organizations for recruiting and collaborating.

Want more info? Watch this video. You can sign-up at www.seasonalconnect.com. Don't forget to enter CHLA23 at check-out to receive an exclusive discount for our members.

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CHLA members who sign up will receive complimentary benchmarking reports for contributing data.

HotStats is a hotel operational profit and loss data benchmarking company. Their reports measure your hotels performance against your competition across a select number of metrics. They allow you to identify areas of under performance and outperformance in order to make educated decisions about the P&L that can impact your bottom line. Email askus@hotstats.com to get started. 

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Looking for a free (and royalty free) ambient music service for your hotel? Music is designed to enhance your guest experience and with Citadel FM, we can do just that. Please consider Citadel FM; they offer three stations: ambient music, Latin ambient music, and Country ambient music. Moving forward is simple and fast. Set up can all be done remotely, using our Amazon speakers and any mobile device.

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