Stars of the Industry

CHLA’s Stars of the Industry Awards will honor the lodging employees and properties that best symbolize the quality service of the industry.

CHLA & CABBI member properties are eligible to nominate one employee from their staff for Outstanding Lodging Employee, Manager of the Year, General Manager of the Year, the HD Supply Housekeeping Award, the Steven Porter Emerging Hospitality Leader of the Year, or the Women in Lodging Connect Leader of the Year award. In addition, properties may enter their best lodging property programs in four categories of CHLA's Property Achievement Awards - good earthkeeping, diversity, equity and inclusion, guest services and community services. Properties may submit one nomination per category. All entrants must be from a CHLA and/or CABBI member property in good standing. 


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Current Award Categories

This award recognizes an employee of a CHLA member lodging property who goes above and beyond normal job responsibilities. Nominees are judged on outstanding and unusual service to the property, to the guests, and to the community.

This award recognizes exceptional performance by a supervisory employee to their subordinates, to guests, and to the community.

This award honors a hotelier who has demonstrated superior professionalism in operating a CHLA or CABBI member property and taken a leadership role in the industry by actively participating in association, community, or industry programs.

This award gives lodging properties the opportunity to recognize a non-management housekeeping staff member for outstanding efforts and contributions to their hotel's housekeeping operations.  This award is to recognize housekeepers/room attendants who show commitment to extraordinary guest service, exceptional cleanliness of guest rooms and public areas and a true passion for the hospitality business. Sponsored by HD Supply

This award honors the accomplishments of Stevan Porter, the late president of the Americas for the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). This award honors an exemplary lodging employee under age 30 who has demonstrated superior professional dedication, leadership, and a fresh perspective to their job. This individual should illustrate "out of the box" thinking in their professional and personal life, and dedication to the industry by actively participating in association, community, or industry programs.

This award is given to a female hospitality professional who serves as a leader and role model within the hotel community. This award is not about the amount of experience or the title, but rather how time is spent in the industry.

Community service awards are given for programs that demonstrate to residents that the individual property is responsive to the local community. Examples include campaigns to benefit local or national service organizations or charities, service to any part of the community through special project, and joint undertakings with community groups for the benefit of the area.

This award recognizes a hotel that embodies an inclusive work culture, through training, programs and policies that promote the representation of different groups of individuals with impartiality and fairness. Nominees are judged on programs for existing and new employees that showcase best DEI practices and programs.

Good Earthkeeping awards recognize lodging properties that have developed a culture toward integrating environmental management practices that improve everyday operations and the bottom line, while maintaining quality service and meeting guest expectations.

Guest relations awards are given for programs that develop a climate conducive to new repeat business, create goodwill among guests, provide special services, reverse negative public relations situations, or effectively solve guest complaints. Sponsored by Red Roof.

Past Award Categories

The Peggy Mosley Industry Champion Award honors the memory and accomplishments of CABBI founding member and CHLA Hall of Fame inductee Peggy Mosley. This award is given to outstanding CHLA or CABBI innkeeper(s), owner(s) or manager(s) who have demonstrated professionalism in operating a CHLA or CABBI member property, and have taken a leadership role in our industry and in his or her community. This award will be presented to someone who embodies the spirit of hospitality, sets the standard for customer service and contributes to the economic climate in his or her community. (Nominations for this category can be made for an individual, a couple, or one group of family members from the same small property.)

This award recognized a hospitality student who displayed excellence in academic performance, and who was engaged with the hospitality industry through their job, volunteer activities, clubs, or other extracurricular activities.

This award was judged based on how the chapter as a whole worked together and excelled at tasks. The winning chapter demonstrated initiative, industry involvement, and proven success running an effective chapter, while working as a team.

This award recognized a property that used advances in technology to optimize its performance. Suppliers were also eligible and used specific property-level case studies to illustrate the technology's success relative to guest service, cost reduction, and/or revenue growth in addition to why the technology was in fact innovative and how it impacted the industry at large.

One-time only and ongoing special events awards were given for programs or campaigns that demonstrated a creative approach to schedule events, anniversaries, charity events, holidays, or special publicity events.

This CHLA supported program brought hoteliers, employees, guests, and communities together by inviting their guests to contribute $1 per night to a local charity chosen and trusted by the hotel. All of the money raised helped people in the local community. This award recognized the lodging property which had the highest percentage of guest participation in their HOTELS that HELP program.

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